“Very helpful & friendly staff, always available with helping hand. Can’t recommend it enough.”

M.M. – Level 3 Learner

“Just completed QQI Level 5 Healthcare major modules and handed my last assignment today! I felt very proud of myself. With all the hardwork, discipline, patience and dedication I put into it, it is a mixed emotion altogether. Thank you RSG, Learning College, Derrane c/o Monica Cooney for this opportunity! Looking forward to reach my goal in my career!”


“The course met my expectations and more. I enjoyed it as I gained loads of information to add to my experience.”

B.D., Level 5 Person Centred Focus to Disability.

“Tutor is excellent builds great rapport with the class.”

Anonymous, Level 5 Person Centred Focus to Disability.

“I found the course excellent and very knowledgeable and the tutor had brilliant way about her. She listened to everyone’s comments and thoughts she never ignored anyone. She was very helpful in every way and it was very beneficial to me and if I have the same tutor I will continue with the training, she was very easy to learn from.”

A.N., Level 5 Care of the Older Person.

“Gaynor is a very good trainer easy to learn from and explained the course very well. I think the course is very beneficial for carers.”

S.G., Level 5 Care of the Older Person

“The group work was great as we were able to discuss in detail certain course topics. Very well presented module.”

S.G., Level 5 Care of the Older Person

“The tutor had a great way of teaching the class. He made the course very easy to follow. Very Enjoyable.”

L.W., Level 5 Communications

“I found this course very interesting and I loved the group work.”

M.B., Level 5 Palliative Care Support

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